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3,000 Miles of a Family Road Trip, The End

We have reached the end of our family road trip and when it’s all said and done, we will have traveled nearly 3,000 miles (through 10 states). Our final stop tonight was Washington, D.C., and for some reason there is no humidity and we actually ate outside – in August. It’s either time to quit while we’re ahead or buy a lottery ticket because you can never eat outside in August in Washington, D.C., and most times it’s unbearable to even be outside.

Judy-isms family road trip

Lizzie and Jack on set

After leaving Kiawah Island (which did not disappoint as we were able to spend the entire the day at the pool) we headed to Raleigh, North Carolina. Since we had already spent so much time driving through the Carolinas, we knew what to expect with the miles and miles of fields and cows along the way. And there were as many on the way back as there were on the way down.

Judy-isms family road trip

Adam giving the weather forecast

The reason for our stop in Raleigh, other than breaking up the long ride to Washington, D.C., was to visit another fabulous babysitter of Jack’s from when he was 1-year old. Lizzie Horton, a meteorologist on the ABC affiliate in Raleigh/Durham (and now a mother to a gorgeous little girl), was gracious enough to meet us and give us a tour of the T.V. station. Jack (and Adam) had a blast sitting behind the anchor desk and playing at the weatherboard. I think Adam missed his calling!

When we got to Virginia we headed to Mt. Vernon to show Jack where George and Martha used to live. On my family road trip to Washington, D.C. (forever ago), I remember stopping here too. While I recalled no air conditioning in the mansion and how blazing hot the grounds were, since there is absolutely no tree cover, I didn’t recall the huge gift shop with tons of souvenirs (including Christmas merchandise – huh?).

Judy-isms family road trip

Jack and the Washingtons

Thankfully this time Jack refrained from having a meltdown and we were actually able to buy him a memento to remember his visit. While I wanted to buy him a copy of the Constitution so he could learn the laws of our land, he opted for a shot glass. He’s obviously got his priorities in check.

It’s been an amazing family road trip! We’re all still talking to each other and even better, are already planning where we’ll go next year. FYI — we’ll probably get on an airplane to go to a beach before hitting the road again but we will definitely plan another road trip.

If you’ve ever thought about taking a family road trip but are afraid it will be a disaster just know that there will be good days and challenging days for sure. Nothing will always go as planned and you have to learn to punt, like when your car breaks down – or you go to LEGOLAND in August. But in the end it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey – especially when you’re with your family.

Looking forward to being back in New York City tomorrow — and my own bed!


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