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Balcony Marigolds

Living in a New York City hi-rise apartment building doesn’t give you many options for growing a garden. Honestly, I’ve never really had a green thumb anyway and when I get flowers or a plant as a gift, I’m shocked if it lasts beyond a few days.

But when you have a child who learned in school about plants, flowers and other living things a non-green thumbed person typically runs from, how can you deny his eagerness of wanting to try and grow something of his own?

So we took Jack to the nursery at Home Depot and told him he could pick a packet of seeds, a bag of dirt and a planter. Thankfully we have a balcony and I have Adam, who actually knows about all things dirt and planting so I was off the hook for this duty. Sort of.

Jack’s seeds of choice were marigolds. (He originally wanted to grow a tree as he was convinced it would fit on our small balcony.) Now I’ve never gotten past the point where the marigolds have actually bloomed so I assumed that this process would be over quickly and we’d probably never see anything happen, and hopefully he would lose interest waiting. None of this happened.

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Balcony Marigolds

Every day Jack or Adam diligently made sure the dirt and seedlings had enough water and sunlight. These two became obsessed with making sure the elements were perfect for these future marigolds. I can only hope they’d be the same if we had a pet.

And sure enough, after several months of nurturing the seedlings and dirt – we have balcony marigolds! Beautiful yellow and orange flowers that I’ve only seen from afar in other people’s homes and gardens – or in a magazine.

These flowers are like part of our family now. I only hope we can keep them happy and living before winter comes back around.


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