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California Dreamin’

This morning I was watching The Today Show and after a segment with Tori Spelling talking about her new book and her new baby (is she really pregnant again!?), who comes on to perform, but Wilson Phillips. Wow! That really took me back. Apparently they have a new album out called Dedicated and it includes songs of their parents (the Mamas and the Papas and the Beach Boys). Appropriately they sang what will probably be the most popular song on the album, “California Dreamin’.”

This song has always had significant meaning to me and hearing them sing it today is very ironic timing. Twenty-two years ago this month I went on my own California Dreamin’ adventure and left Texas to move out to Los Angeles to chase who knows what. I had a job with a record label and the first band I had the privilege of promoting was none other than Wilson Phillips. At the time they were a very young, brand new girl group with harmonic voices that brought back to life an era gone by. They were an instant hit and it was so much fun helping take their songs to the top of the Billboard charts, experiencing all the fanfare at their concerts and being part of that slice of musical history. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIbXvaE39wM&ob=av2e]

Look at that hair!

As Chynna, Carnie and Wendy were being interviewed this morning I heard them say things like between them they have something like nine children and they’re all in their mid-40s. How can that be? During my days as a record promotion manager I saw a lot of interesting things and it allowed me to meet all types of people. I always had a special connection with Wilson Phillips because we were all about the same age and even though they were considered music royalty, they were always very gracious and appreciative, and just as young and innocent as anyone in their 20s looking to make it on their own.

In addition to their new album they also have a reality TV show coming out appropriately called, “Wilson Phillips Still Holding On.” I know I’ll watch it if for nothing else than to see how they’re keeping together all these years later. Like us all, they’ve had missteps here and there, but damn they can still sing! I wish them much success with the new album, the new TV show and all their other endeavors. As for my California dream…while I left there years ago, ironically the man of my dreams turned out to be from, you guessed it…California. Who knew? And by the way, I have never lost my touch with Tetris and continue to master it today…minus the Game Boy, of course!

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