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Easy Bake Oven Turns 50…and I Still Don’t Know How to Bake a Cake!

We all have fond memories of our favorite toys and items from our youth. For me, growing up way back in the 1970s (yes, I just said that out loud!), I had many favorites such as: my Mrs. Beasley doll, all my Barbie’s, a pink banana seat bicycle, a red cassette tape player, a musical jewelry box with twirling ballerina, and my all-time favorite, an Easy Bake Oven. There was something about the commercials and catchy jingle that got me so excited about the thought of baking cakes and cookies in my very own oven that I just had to have one!

I loved my Easy Bake Oven and couldn’t wait to plug it in and get baking. I have vivid memories of being in the kitchen with my mom and mixing the batter, pouring it into the little aluminum pans, sliding the pans into the slot for baking, standing on a step stool in order to see into the window as it rested on top of the kitchen counter, and using her mitts to carefully pull the pans out of the oven.

Judy-isms easy bake oven

Frosting my masterpiece with the Easy Bake Oven in the background!

I’m pretty certain the majority of the things I “baked” in the oven were never fully cooked, but being 7 years old at the time, not only did I not understand why a 100-watt light bulb couldn’t bake a cake, I didn’t care. It didn’t matter to me, I still proudly frosted and served them to the only person in my life that would gladly sample anything I made with my own two hands (especially if it was something sweet), my father. I can still see his expression and hear him asking me for a drink of water to wash it down!

50 Years and Still Going Strong!

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Easy Bake Oven. While I certainly didn’t have the very first oven made, I definitely had one of the early versions. I loved my turquoise oven, and you could tell by all the burnt cake droppings on the bottom. I thought for sure this would be the start of a life-long journey of baking for me. I mean my mother was an amazing baker and was able to whip up anything, usually with no notice. Her mother was awesome too. Certainly I got their baking gene? That would be no.

All these years later and I still don’t know how to bake a real cake. I guess you can say my days using the Easy Bake Oven were my best and they spoiled me forever. I mean why would I need to learn how to bake a cake in a “real” oven using exact temperatures when I could mix water and ready-to-bake ingredients and bake it by light bulb? Never again would I have the same enthusiasm as I did when waiting for that timer to ring, and never again would I be as proud of anything I made as I was with the cakes I baked for my father (who by the way ate everything I made out of that oven!). It’s all good though because at least I’ll always have my memories and at least I’ll always understand the correct use of 100-watt light bulb!

I would love to hear your Easy Bake Oven memories!


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