• Judy Cohen

Finding Writing Motivation

Your stories are your money.

But writers are busy people! Between finding new ideas, keeping up with social media, and engaging with readers, it’s easy to feel spread thin.

And what happens when we feel harried or unmotivated? Our writing falls to the side.

Don’t fall into a storytelling slump. Here’s how I find the time and motivation to write more.

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Take a break

Everybody needs a break. Whether you need a short walk around the block or a whole week to recuperate, there’s nothing wrong with taking a break from your writing.

Just make sure you have a plan to return refreshed and inspired! The key is to use your time away to write more potent, powerful stories for your books.

Read something unrelated

In a storytelling rut? One of the most powerful things you can do is read content unrelated to your genre.

If you’re a non-fiction business writer, take a break from the business blogs. Instead, check out books on self-care, fitness, or even farming. Fiction books are also an excellent option for those seeking more of an escape.

Your brain makes subconscious connections when reading about new things. The result is a rich synthesis of information perfect for your storytelling.

Use a task tracker

What happens if you feel like writing but don’t have the time? It’s all about time management and prioritization.

Opt for productivity and writing tools like Scrivener, Evernote, or an old-fashioned paper planner.

Create a structured timeline in your tracker with tasks and due dates. The organization will keep you on track to write—even when life gets crazy.

Find an accountability partner

Sometimes what you need to stay on track is a buddy. A little peer pressure can help you meet your goal of regular writing.

Join online writing groups like Facebook to find your accountability partner. Try to find someone who writes in a different genre so you can complement each other’s strengths.

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Your story… to be continued

Judy xo

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