• Judy Cohen

Finding Your Tribe for Your Writing

Good storytelling is about finding a tribe. A tribe is a group of readers/fans who rally around your book(s). They align with your stories and support your work through thick and thin.

No matter your genre, you need a tribe. Tribes help you:

● Collect honest reviews.

● Find more repeat readers and new people.

● Improve your writing.

Good storytelling is critical to building a lasting relationship with your tribe.

Tribes also make writing more fun, too! They’re rewarding and social, making life as an author more engaging and passion-driven.

How to find your tribe

Find people who share your passion for the genre you write.

You can find your tribe by asking the right questions.

Who is your dream fan? What do they need? What do they like to read? Do they like standalone books or series?

Research to find potential readers online. Doing your due diligence will help you write content tailored to their needs and desires. If you do this, they might return the favor by leaving honest, thoughtful reviews about your writing.

Tell stories that connect with your readers.

Based on your ideal reader, what story can you write for them?

For example, if you’re a non-fiction writer and write a book targeted at yo-yo dieters, you could share your experiences with overcoming the vicious cycle of the never-ending diet. Make sure your story hits on the reader’s pain points and desire for connection; this will bring them into your tribe.

Share your story on the right platforms.

Once you’ve written and published your book, share it where your readers are online. If most of your readers are on Instagram, release an Instagram Story every week inviting them to join your tribe.

Have a community-based call to action.

Your readers should know how to connect with you and other “fans” after reading your book. Give them a clear call to action to join your tribe. For example, you might create a Facebook group they can participate in weekly live streams or discussion threads.

Be consistent

People change with time, but your tribe’s focus must be consistent. Consistency builds trust with your tribe because they know what they can expect from you. Stay the course with your writing and keep them focused on your mission.

The bottom line

Storytelling is the original marketing. It’s the most effective way to sell your books without appearing too strong. Humanize yourself and get people behind your mission with good storytelling. You’ll build a reliable tribe that will support your work for years.

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To be continued...

Judy xo

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