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Florida is a long, narrow state. — Family Road Trip, Part 5

After three days of recuperating at my mother’s house, after our 1,500+ miles drive from New York City (and our traumatic experience at LEGOLAND), we hit the road again this morning headed home, with a few more stops along the way. Saying good-bye to “Grammy” was very hard but with a long drive ahead of us we made our final good-byes quick and as painless as possible.

The finished masterpiece!

The finished masterpiece!

Side note: while we were at my mom’s, I was on a mission to complete a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle I had started when Jack and I were visiting last month. I’m not quite sure why I thought this was a good idea but nevertheless, I was going to complete it before I left this time. Mission accomplished! And huge thanks to Adam for helping me too.

If you’ve ever truly looked at a map of Florida you probably notice that while it’s a narrow state, it’s actually super long – especially as you drive up I95. It takes for-ever. We were in the car for about 9 hours today and 6 of them were just in the state of Florida. Needless to say we were thrilled to hit the Georgia state line and even happier that South Carolina, our final stop for the day, was just a short ride away too. But looks are always deceiving, especially when you’re on a road trip.

We decided to check out Kiawah Island because we’ve heard so many great things about it being a beach resort that’s great for families. While that is true, getting there is quite the experience too. Once you get off the Interstate you have to drive for another 2 hours down a narrow road through rural South Carolina with nothing but fields and cows. It is so off-the-beaten track Adam and I looked at each other and said, “What have we done? Is this going to be another LEGOLAND experience?”

Thankfully, once we passed the sticks, we hit green, luscious terrain with the Atlantic Ocean in our sites. It’s like a hidden gem on the coast of South Carolina that if you didn’t know it was there, you would never find it. Absolutely beautiful! And our hotel, The Sanctuary, is exactly as it sounds. Hopefully the rain will hold off until we check out tomorrow afternoon so we can enjoy it all.

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