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Happy Birthday to Me! – Family Road Trip, Part 3

Judy-isms family road trip

Biggest tourist attraction in Greenville/Spartanburg

When I woke up this morning I thought, wow, today’s my birthday and I’m officially on the other side of 50. And then I thought, wow, it’s my birthday and I’m in Greenville, South Carolina! How did both of these events happen? Our day started at a good old-fashioned Southern diner where the owner greets you with a “Mornin’ y’all” and they serve real hash browns and homemade biscuits. After rolling out of the diner, our first stop was the BMW Museum. It dawned on me as we entered the parking lot and saw a sea of cars (mostly BMWs, of course) that this plant must employ the majority of this entire area of South Carolina. What a concept, an American car manufacturing plant employing Americans.

Judy-isms family road trip

In front of a James Bond car

The museum is just a small space with vintage BMW convertibles and the different X models, since this is the plant that makes these models. There’s actually a plant tour where you can see how they make the cars but you have to be at least 12 years old to attend. Sorry Jack, maybe next time, when you’re with your own family. Like all good museums, there was a huge merchandising opportunity in the form of a BMW gift shop. While we were fully prepared to purchase a little trinket for Jack, he decides to have a full-blown 7-year old meltdown, of 3-year old magnitude, because we wouldn’t buy a $60 remote-controlled BMW. We left the museum – without the car – and headed to Atlanta. Again, sorry Jack.

Judy-isms family road trip

Broken Rover

All was good as we crossed over the Georgia state line and we would soon be at our hotel to relax. And then it happened. We were about 7 miles from our exit and all of sudden I was sweating. Just 30 minutes earlier I was actually a little cold and turned the air up. Were these hot flashes I was having? I mean, I did just turn 51. And then the low coolant light went on and the squeaky noises were coming from the car. Yep, we had a problem. Luckily there was a Land Rover dealership minutes from our hotel and that’s a good thing because when they lifted the hood and the guy looked inside the verdict was – bone dry. Never a good thing. It’s always one thing or another. What are you going to do?

Judy-isms family road trip

Happy reunion

But the day wasn’t a total loss because I was able to enjoy a wonderful birthday dinner with my boys and our friends (and Jack’s former awesome babysitter) Sarah, and Steven. As excited as Jack has been on our trip so far didn’t compare to the pure joy on his face when he first saw Sarah.

So Happy Birthday To Me! Not necessarily how I envisioned spending my birthday but at least I have my health, my family and friends, and if our car had to break down, thankfully it wasn’t on the long stretch of road from Virginia to North Carolina. Praying for good news on our car tomorrow so we can continue on the road Wednesday morning. Next stop – LEGOLAND – if we get our car back!

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