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Help! I Need an IT Consultant Who Makes House Calls!

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I’m now entering Day 5 of trying to solve the mystery of why I’m being locked out of my personal blog – Judy-isms.com while in the walls of my own home. I think I’ve spent about 15 hours over the phone with every person/company associated with my computer and website. How’s that for efficiency?

It makes no sense because the only place I’m unable to access this website is over my own Wi-Fi network. I’m serious. Go ahead; try clicking on the site for yourself. You’ll soon see it load and notice that the last entry (before this one) was back in January. That’s right, I’ve been dealing with this same issue for the past 6 months (and 5 days). By the way, if you must know, I’m posting this entry from a Starbucks using their Wi-Fi. Yes, I’m being a true poser today!

I’m sure if you’re reading this and are a technology expert you’re saying one of the following things:

It’s a hosting issue – wrong. I can access the site from anywhere in the world (including Bermuda, where I was last week).

It’s an ISP issue – maybe, but they won’t take the blame and tell me it’s a router or computer issue. I won’t mention the name of my ISP because I’m a professional – but I will tell you they’re a very large company who unsuccessfully merged with a large digital company back in 2000 which was called, “the biggest mistake in corporate history.” If you couldn’t tell – I’m not a fan.

It’s a router issue – maybe, but I just purchased a new router and that didn’t help as I still have the same issue. So glad I spent that extra money.

It’s a computer issue – wrong. I was on the phone with my computer tech support for about 4 hours one night and they essentially restored my computer to its factory settings and rebuilt it over the phone. You guessed it, I still have the same problem. They even bumped me up to the highest priority of unsolvable issues technician. Still won’t work.

This is why I need an IT consultant who makes house calls – or a therapist! I do not speak computer lingo and don’t even know what half these words mean – this is so not my area expertise.

So the next time you meet someone who tells you they work from their home, envy them if you must, but don’t automatically assume they’re the luckiest person around. Instead, remember the last time your email or website went down and all you had to do was call your IT department. Uh huh, who’s lucky now?

I wonder if Starbucks would mind if I just moved my office here.

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