• Judy Cohen

Help! My Kindergartner Can Write and Spell!

You know the struggle you experience when you need to leave the house in order to get something done, but your kindergartner decides he doesn’t want to and when you ask why he says: “just because”? You know the struggle you experience when your instinct says drag him out screaming, but your mind tells you it’s not worth it, and yet you still have to leave the house to get things done?

As a mother, and I know I’m not alone, I show enormous pride every day for my child’s many accomplishments and love sharing with family and friends, probably to the point of overkill. Sorry. I can’t help it. The things he is learning in kindergarten are well beyond anything I remember being taught at this age and I’m exhausted just trying to keep up and stay ahead of his inevitable questions about everything he’s learning. I’ve already found myself using the phrase, “Oh, that’s a Daddy question.”

The evidence!

The evidence!

But I digress. After several minutes of a lively back-and-forth discussion as to why I needed him to leave the house and go with me, and his father disabling apps on the iPad, he walked in his room and all was quiet. All was quiet, until he walked out of his room and handed me a piece of paper with the words, printed in his best handwriting: “NOT COMING WITH YOU.” **Sigh** How could I get mad at that display of intelligence or sarcasm? I could barely keep a straight face, and he knew it too. He had the biggest you-know-what eating grin on his face like he had just solved the mystery of the world.

This little act shouldn’t surprise me at all. Reading and comprehension are big in kindergarten these days, along with handwriting. I’m half expecting Jack to publish a blog by year’s end. I’m not kidding. Sight words have been the cornerstone of the curriculum and not only are they learning to spot them in reading and understand their meaning, but they are also learning to spell and write them down. Clearly it’s working.

So if you’re wondering whether or not I got him out of the house the answer is YES! I don’t care how smart he is or what he can spell…or write, I’m still the boss. And if he needs reminding of that fact I’ll be happy to spell it out and write him a note…just like he did to me today!

Feel free to share any of your funny struggle stories too so I know I’m not alone!


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