• Judy Cohen

How to exhaust your kid…and be a kid again too!

Today is the reason I workout! Speaking for the many supermoms I know who spend a good portion of their days chasing and schlepping kids around, this work is not for weak! Be it for school-related functions, play dates, birthday parties, doctor appointments or simply running around town, we never seem to stop moving. This requires an incredible amount of stamina (reason for working out!), not to mention patience. So today I’m glad I have both since my 4-year old son and I decided to play tourist around New York City.

Waiting for the bus to start our day!

With good weather on my side, three days before the start of summer camp, and no childcare I had to come up with a lot of activity to keep Jack busy and happy. What better way than to roam the streets of NYC and be a kid again with my favorite kid in tow.

A kid in a candy store!

So here was our non-stop day: visited the New York Public Library to check out some books; continued on to Grand Central Terminal for a visit to the New York Transit Museum to purchase an electric toy subway car; stopped to eat lunch at Junior’s; went to Dylan’s Candy Bar for treats; and then took a ride across Central Park on a new, 3-door accordion M79 bus, the definite highlight of Jack’s day! And the day didn’t stop there.

After a short pit stop we met up with friends for our weekly play date in Central Park; ate dinner out; came home and took a bath…read books…and finally went to bed! I’m not sure who was more exhausted. But like I said, this motherhood job is not for the weak…and not for a mother in her late 40s!

Wiped out!

When I used to work full-time at an office and left Jack each morning with our nanny I used to wonder who had the tougher day. I now know. That said, there is nothing better than the face of a happy child after a fun-filled day…especially when that face is one that is fast asleep…before 8pm. Mission accomplished!


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