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How to tell a story of healing

Stories are the foundation of your memoir. Memorists can benefit from telling a wide variety of stories, from those of triumph to the depths of despair.

Many great, transformative stories involve feeling great pain and overcoming it through healing. Stories of recovery and triumph are the perfect way to relate to your reader and create an emotional bond with potential fans in a short amount of time.

However, stories of healing have their pitfalls. They give too much information to your future raving audience if told incorrectly. They can also be difficult to tell, depending on your personal story.

If you’re curious about how to tell a story of healing in a way that’s beneficial for your readers, follow these three steps.

Be relatable

Your story of healing needs to be relatable. It needs to touch on universal struggles that everyone can understand. Whether you’ve lost a loved one or survived a horrible health diagnosis, make sure your experience is relatable. Your reader should say, “Wow, that sounds like what happened to me.”

An unrelatable story would include hyper-specific, personal information about unknown characters. It also contains first-world problems like your A/C going out or getting a flat tire.

Manage your feelings

There’s nothing wrong with showing your emotions. If you cry while telling your story, readers will feel your emotion and probably keep reading. But understand when not to exploit your feelings as they can appear off-putting if your writing goes on and on with no light at the end.

If your story is still too raw to share, that’s okay. You can tell your story in good time.

Emphasize the triumph

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the negativity or struggles you face. It’s essential to address your challenges to give the story tension.

However, your readers are reading because they want to hear your story of healing. They want to see how you overcame a significant obstacle.

The Bottom Line

The more you can touch on your struggles but focus on how you overcame the situation and how it changed your life, the more authentic you’ll be to your ideal reader.

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To be continued...

Judy xo

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