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L’shana tova!

Judy-isms L'shana tova

With his “Temple” tie

L’shana tova! We’re off to a great start for this new year! After some “delicate” encouragement to get Jack to Temple this afternoon, I’m happy to report he lasted the entire service, and for the first time in a long time, we actually heard the blowing of the shofar! Of course, it helped that we kept telling him he’d get cookies at the end of the service if he just hung in there. Eye on the prize!

To be fair, Jack comes by his Temple resistance naturally. Yes, we’re that family…the twice-a-year-High-Holy-days-family. I’m not proud, but it is what it is. That said, now that Jack will be starting Religious School in a few weeks, I foresee more time being spent at shul. I mean seriously, we are congregants at one of the most beautiful Temples in the city, Temple Emanuel-El, and there really is no reason, other than apathy for us not to attend more than twice a year. Really! Given Jack’s excitement of learning Jewish values this summer at J.C.C. day camp, and his eagerness to bake challah and have Shabbat dinner (other than sushi!), I’d say we’re in for a real Jewish awakening. It’s all good, however, because Jack looked so handsome today in his sports jacket, tie and new snazzy loafers. Besides, how can I refuse anything this good-looking kid wants? I know…I’m a sucker!

L’shana tova to those who celebrate and may we all have a sweet new year!

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