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LEGOLAND in August? What were we thinking? — Family Road Trip, Part 4

Tonight we made it to the stop on our road trip we were all looking forward to – my mother’s house. Finally we have a few days where we can do absolutely nothing and hang out with my mom too.

Judy-isms family road trip

World of Coke

While we were in Atlanta, waiting to get our car back, we went to Centennial Park and the World of Coke museum. While I don’t drink soda anymore, much less Coke, I have such respect for this brand and how recognized it is around the world. And what blew me away the most, besides the bottling process, was the story behind the naming of the brand and its logo. Founder and pharmacist, John Pemberton’s bookkeeper, Frank Robinson came up with the name and because he had excellent penmanship (being a bookkeeper) he first scripted the logo. There’s an exhibit that allows you to challenge yourself to try and copy the logo. I was not even close!

By far Jack’s favorite parts of the museum were the burping Coke machine and the tasting room. Here they had soda machines of different Coca Cola products from around the world. Naturally he gravitated towards Fanta Blueberry – not too much sugar in this concoction.

Judy-isms family road trip

Lightning strikes and thunderstorms

After we got our car back (busted water pump) we were on the road again for our next stop – Orlando. 7 hours and massive lightning storms later, we entered the most magical place on earth – our hotel room! After an early morning swim in the gorgeous hotel pool we loaded up the car again and headed to LEGOLAND.

We actually took Jack to the LEGOLAND in California when he was about 2 ½ years old so we had some idea of what to expect in terms of the LEGO buildings and structures, and some of the rides. Unlike California, however, nothing could have prepared us for the inferno temperatures and humidity that hit us like a blowtorch walking through the park. It was indescribable and when Jack was complaining of being hot, you know it was hot. I sweat in places I didn’t know even existed. What were we thinking planning this trip in August? Jack had fun and it was fun to see all the LEGO structures, like the ones in California, but for some reason, it just wasn’t the same experience. Maybe it was because we were delirious from the heat but after about 2 hours, we were fully drenched and decided to call it a day. We should have stayed in the pool.

After we dried off we hit the road again and now we’re relaxing for a few days before the long ride home. And lucky for me, my mother had an awesome chocolate birthday cake for a little delayed celebration. While we’ve had a lot of awesome experiences so far there’s nothing better than hanging with family – especially when you can do your laundry.

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