• Judy Cohen

Like Mother…Like Son…It really does come around!

If I’m being honest, I have no filter and at times can be a tad sarcastic. Okay, maybe more than a tad. I can’t help it. I’m just too honest and tend to speak the truth a little too freely. I’ve been working on it…for years and have definitely improved my talk-before-I-think problem. This is in huge part thanks to my wonderful husband, Adam, and his many reminders to “filter” especially as we walk the streets of NYC. There’s just too much good material in this city. So no surprise, but it looks as if Jack has the beginnings of my “witty” filter challenges. I know, he’s only four and most four-year olds are way too honest, but a mother knows!

Yesterday was the end-of-school party for Jack’s class – the Brown Kangaroos at Woodside Preschool. The teachers planned an awesome send-off in the form of an ice cream sundae party. As if they aren’t hyped up enough knowing summer is around the corner, let’s give them lots of sugar and send them on their way![youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECtrJ_WDUBo]

This picture says it all…sugar crash on the way!

After all the singing, dancing and sugar injections, the teachers presented each parent with a portfolio of a comprehensive look back at their child’s school work from the past year. It was filled with artwork, photos and individual projects based on different topic areas. As I was flipping through the pages I had such pride seeing all the great things Jack had done throughout the year and the improvements from the beginning of the school year to now. And then I came to the page that proved to me once and for all that while Jack may look like his father, he has his mother’s smart mouth through and through.

Jack with his wonderful teachers, Ms. Jena and Ms. Heidi!

In the section of the portfolio titled, “Express Yourself,” the photos and projects highlighted the different activities that were designed to help the children learn how to express themselves. There were great projects like “mood” stamps to demonstrate how each child was feeling that day, photos of each child writing letters to their pen pals, and pictures of each child showing one piece they selected from their portfolio to share with the class answering the question, “Why did you choose that piece to show your friends?”

He’s so proud of his answer.

The answers to this question had varied and appropriate responses such as: “I liked it because it’s sparkly,” “I picked this because it’s pretty,” “I picked it because I love race cars,” etc. And then there was Jack’s response: “Because I did.” There you have it…three little words that say it all…because I did. Sarcastic or way too honest? Probably both.

My mother told me right before Jack was born that I would probably have a child that was just like me. She was correct. When I was in high school one of the boys’ chapters of the youth organization I belonged to hosted a beauty pageant fundraiser. My chapter nominated me to participate and let’s just say I was not thrilled. When it came time for the question portion of the show I was asked, “If you could wish for three things what would they be?” This was a real life-changing question for sure. My response: “Better grades in school, less homework and I wish this stupid thing was over.” While I got the laugh, shockingly I didn’t win the pageant. My poor mother and sister wanted to run out of the auditorium and hide. See, no filter, even back then.

Judy, Jack and the voice of reason of the family, Adam!

You can now better understand why I’m beginning to see this little part of me in Jack, but have no fear because he’s in good hands as it relates to teaching him to filter. I pledge to help him to recognize that some things are better left unsaid, that words have consequences, and that he needs to think before he talks. And if I fail in my quest, I always have Adam to remind us both!


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