• Judy Cohen

My big, comfy, leather sofa.

When you first think about starting your own business there a million things that cross your mind. What do I want to do? What should I call myself? Do I need a logo and website? How will I get clients? Will I make money? While all of those questions certainly ran through my mind…and still do, one of the most burning questions for me was where was I going to sit?

Living in New York City space comes at a huge premium and no matter how many bedrooms you have in your apartment, they are all filled to the rafters. How was I going find a space to call my own and get my work done? Pretty much throughout my entire career I’ve had my own desk or office, some spaces more glamorous then others. I’ve sat in a closet, in a hallway next to a copy machine, in an office with the view of the capitol of Texas and the entire campus of the University of Texas too, in an office on Broadway looking at Letterman’s studio, in an office on Park Ave. looking straight up the avenue, and most recently in an office on Madison Ave., in the heart of midtown Manhattan. Where was I going to sit now…and on what?

Luckily for me I happen to live in a great apartment with three bedrooms. One bedroom is where I sleep; that was out. Another bedroom acted as both a guest room and office, but just too much going on for it to be an inspiring space. The only other choice was to kick my 3 year-old son out of his room and take over his space. It’s not as bad as it sounds since this meant he’d be getting a big boy bed…and whole lot of new space to throw his toys around.

Just like any project or campaign, a good strategy had to be developed for how we were going to move two rooms around and make what used to be the baby’s room, an oasis for me to work in everyday. No small feat given space limitations, but with a lot of imagination, and a very strong husband who could literally lift and move furniture and oriental rugs by himself, we did it…in two days! Now what was I going to sit on?

After the purchase of the sofa came the desks and desk chairs and all the other awesome office accessories that are must haves if you’re starting a new business. Yes, before I had even decided on a name for the business or the direction I even wanted to go, I had decorated my new office. I obviously had my priorities in tact, such an important trait for a new business owner.

So now as I begin my new adventure, and the next phase of my life…no matter where it takes me…I will always sit in a beautifully decorated office with a big, comfy, leather sofa. In my opinion whatever happens from here is gravy.

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