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Sharing birthdays through the years.

Do you share a birthday with someone cool, notable or special? I always find it interesting to learn which celebrities and famous people share my birthday, if for no other reason than to confirm that my birthday is indeed a very important day. I loved it when I found out that August 17th was the birthday of such notables as Mae West, the original blonde bombshell who once said, “Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere;” Raging Bull, “You talkin’ to me?” actor, Robert Di Nero; and my all-time favorite, Fast Times at Ridgemont High stoner, Jeff Spicoli (Sean Penn) who’s famous line, “I’m so wasted!” defined most of my generation. Why did he ever have to grow up?

More personally, I love that I share my birthday with others in my life including an awesome cousin; a childhood friend; and my separated-at-birth-six-years-younger-half-foot-taller-awesome-pal, Pam Lewis!

Judy-isms Birthdays

My first birthday and Celia’s 8th birthday…look at those cakes!

But all famous people, celebrities and friends aside, by far the most important person I will always share a birthday with is my sister, Celia.

I remember growing up, I’ll be honest, I thought it sucked that we shared a birthday because I didn’t like sharing anything for one, but more specifically because I was seven years younger and always had my party in the afternoon while she got the cool-girl slumber party at night. Of course, I wouldn’t have been the true annoying little sister that I was if I didn’t try to crash her parties and shockingly, I was more often than not kicked out.

My parents always made our birthdays a big deal with two cakes (that my mother almost always made), two fun parties, lots of great gifts and sometimes week-long celebrations. But it wasn’t until I got older that I found a new appreciation of sharing a birthday with my sister and looked forward to it every year. August 17th was the one day of the year that would connect the two of us forever, even with a seven-year gap, and on that day no one else mattered but us.

Judy-isms Birthdays

Getting ready for my 3rd birthday and Celia’s 10th birthday…with our Papa!

While we don’t share our birthdays together in person anymore, and haven’t for almost 30 years, I will always share a birthday with her in my heart. I remember our last birthday celebration together. For just that one moment in time I wanted August 17th to be all about her and wanted to pretend that my birthday was the next day. Well she wouldn’t have anything to do with that idea at all. She said, “We will always share a birthday and don’t you forget that!” When she spoke…I “usually” listened. She also told me that even if she was no longer here to celebrate with me in person, I was to continue on our celebration traditions.

Judy-isms Birthdays

By far my favorite birthday cake of all time…made with love by my mother!

Today, my heart is always heavy on August 17th and while I may not have the big fancy cakes anymore (although Adam has made some pretty spectacular cakes for me in recent history!) or the fun slumber parties, or even the week-long celebrations, I will always have the memories of my sister’s and my birthdays of years gone by, and create new memories with my family and friends moving forward.

And somewhere up above, I know she’s still celebrating with me too. Happy Birthday, Celia…and to all the August 17th birthday celebrants out there (even Jeff Spicoli)! I hope you enjoy fabulous birthday cake and lots of love today! And if you share a birthday with someone awesome, I’d love to hear about it!

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