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The First Day of Kindergarten

Judy-isms kindergarten

It’s all about the backpack

And just like that…he’s off to kindergarten. Man, I had no idea the wave of emotions that would flood me this morning as we left the apartment for the familiar walk to school. I guess I’m not as strong as I thought I was…or, I guess I’m just a mom. Jack was so excited for his first day of kindergarten and happily got dressed with no arguments (hope that trend continues; ha!). Now that he has a uniform (yay!) he couldn’t decide whether to wear the navy and tan pants, or the white and tan pants, or the white and navy pants. It’s like he’s a girl! He could have worn his PJs and he still would have had the biggest smile on his face. And even with all the excitement of his new “kindergarten”clothes, as he calls them, it was really all about the new backpack!

Judy-isms kindergarten

And he’s off…

For many of my friends, the kindergarten experience with their children came several years ago and is probably a distant memory by now, but I’m certain no matter what grade they entered this year (even those in college), we all feel the same way. Old! Don’t get me wrong, I was thrilled to have Jack go back to school today and I know he was ready too, but as Adam said this morning, this is it for the next 13 years (and however long he’ll be in college!). He HAS to be in school now. No more pre-K where if he went okay, but if he didn’t okay too. So he’d miss out on crayons and blocks. This is the real deal and there’s no turning back now. I know, I know, it will just be a matter of time when I’m saying, “go get a job” and asking what he’s going to do with the rest of his life, but for now I’m just so proud and today, he can do no wrong. I’m sure that euphoria will end as soon as I pick him up from school.

Judy-isms kindergarten

I can’t let go.

And in true Jack fashion, before we even entered the classroom he was asking when I was leaving. (Please see “Say Good-bye Mommy, I’m Ready to Play”) Why does he have to be so damn independent already? It’s okay though, I’ve got his number because as we walked out the door he was the one who grabbed my hand and told me to hold it tight. If I had it my way, I’d hold on tight until he was 16.

I would love to hear some of your first day of kindergarten and school day experiences too!


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